Bow Leg Correction Facts

Bow Leg Correction Facts

Bow Leg Correction | Dr. Leonard Grossman M.D. | NY

Bowed legs is actually a condition common to toddlers and young children, though, in rare cases, the condition can become apparent in teenagers and adults. Adults develop severe bow legs due to breaks or fractures, poisoning, obesity, infection, or arthritis. In children, the common causes are genu verum (a condition which corrects as the child grows), Blount’s disease, or Rickets. While bow legs can be caused by skeletal problems, the appearance of bow legs is most often of a muscular or fat distribution problem, rather than a skeletal one. By treating the underlying condition, the appearance of bowed legs often corrects itself. For instance, if obesity is the cause of a person’s bowed legs, losing weight can often help correct the condition. However, many times surgery is required in order for patients to enjoy a more attractive look.

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There are exercises individuals can perform to help correct bow legs naturally. Livestrong suggests that patients try yoga. Cow face and some forward bend postures can help strengthen muscles and reduce unsightly bowed legs. Another technique is to lie face down on an exercise bench with a ten pound weight between the feet. By bringing the feet and the weight up toward the buttocks, individuals can strengthen their leg muscles and some times reduce the appearance of bowed legs.

Other solutions include pilates and massage therapy. Of course, these non-surgical treatments work best for patients whose bowed legs are not severe. Patients with only a slight bow to the leg may be able to correct the appearance of the leg by exercise and training. However, patients with more severe bowed legs may require surgical solutions.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. explains that bow legged condition is actually not usually a problem of the bone, as many people may initially think. As many as 90% of patients who appear to have bowed legs, do not have a skeletal problem. In many cases, the inner muscle of the calf lacks sufficient bulk or the fat overlying the muscle is simply deficient. Dr. Leonard Grossman has been performing bowed leg correction since 1995. His revolutionary technique takes unwanted fat from one or more areas of the patient’s body and places it in the areas of the body that require more volume. If muscle is needed, it is being created with the use of the patients own stem cells. On the other hand if the patient lacks fatty tissue, the fat is injected where it is desired. This procedure corrects the appearance of the bow leg once and for all; and allows patients to feel more self-confident, and resume regular life activities almost immediately.

Patients who undergo the procedure can often have the surgery completed anywhere between one to two hours. The benefits of Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D.’s surgery is that patients do not have to suffer any physical therapy following the procedure. There is usually NO postoperative pain and the results are natural and permanent in Dr. Grossman’s hands. Patients walk out of the office normally and are able to return to the gym within five days following the surgery. Swimming and beach going is allowed in just 7 days.

Patients who are interested in having bow leg correction surgery should properly review their options. Fat transfer surgeries are not usually appropriate for patients suffering from Rickets or other serious bone diseases, but can be used to improve on the condition visually.

If you have bowed legs and would like to learn more about whether surgery is the choice for you, contact the Brooklyn or the New York office of Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D.


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