What Makes for a Beautiful Face?

What Makes for a Beautiful Face?

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What makes something beautiful? What makes for a beautiful face? The question has been pondered by great artists, philosophers, and scientists for thousands of years. Now, thanks to recent studies about how people evaluate facial beauty, it looks like we’re one step closer to determining how individuals determine which faces are beautiful and which faces are not.

According to an article published in the American Academy of Plastic Surgery, researchers found that when individuals evaluated faces for attractiveness, the location of the iris, nasal tip, and lower lip were important factors that separated the attractive from the not-so-attractive. The researchers found that individuals rated faces as more attractive when the distance between the iris, nasal tip, and lower lip was equal and uniform. However, when the distance between these structures varied and the ratios weren’t uniform, individuals rated these faces as less attractive.

It has long been believed that symmetry and balance make for attractiveness in a face. Now, this study further confirms that regular ratios between facial structures contribute to the greater perception of attractiveness.

This study can have serious implications for individuals seeking out plastic surgery. A skilled plastic surgeon can take these ratios into consideration when performing a nose-job or lip enhancement procedure. The research also offers clues about why plastic surgery can do such a good job of making individuals more attractive. If a skilled surgeon is able to bring these key ratios into alignment, then patients are more likely to emerge from surgery looking better to a larger group of the general population.

Beauty can do more than just make you more attractive to others, it can increase your happiness as well.

While, some mysteries about what makes for a beautiful face remain, one study according to Smithsonian, suggests that when we perceive beauty, our brain releases happiness chemicals. One scientist at the University of London has been studying brain scans of people when they look at works of art or listen to music. The researcher found that when individuals look or hear something beautiful, the area of their brains right behind the eyes light up. The perception of beauty also increased dopamine levels in patient’s brains. Beauty can make us happier.

In other words, plastic surgery is not only making you more attractive to other people, but also can make you feel more attractive to yourself.

While the study of beauty will always bring its debates, it is clear that some elements of a face are considered universally beautiful. Symmetry and balance are two important factors that contribute to a person’s beauty. Plastic surgery can increase symmetry and balance.

Having any Plastic Surgery is a serious decision and patients should take the time to speak to the plastic surgeon before receiving facial fillers to increase the fullness of the lip, before undergoing nose jobs or any other plastic surgery services. Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. is a skilled plastic surgeon in New York City who understands that plastic surgery requires an esthetic and artistic eye. Dr. Grossman takes the time to study each patient’s needs and works carefully to produce the most aesthetically pleasing results. Contact the office today to put Dr. Grossman’s 20 years of experience to work for you.

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