What is the Perfect Breast Shape? It Varies Depending on Where You Ask

What is the Perfect Breast Shape? It Varies Depending on Where You Ask

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According to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, research has suggested that a breast with a ratio of 45 to 55 is considered most ideal. This means that less than half the breast is located beneath the nipple and a little more of the breast is located above the nipple. The study had attempted to determine which breasts achieved universal appeal by showing individuals photos of many breasts with different ratios.

Yet, a recent study suggests that the 45:55 ratio may not be a universal ideal. Aesthetics actually vary from culture to culture and even from era to era. Now, a study has been released to confirm this.

The study was performed due to the rise of cosmetic surgery tourism. With individuals travelling far away to have breast augmentations performed, it is important for doctors to be aware of varying cultural differences and ideals.

According to Fox News, surgeons in India preferred a full look while surgeons in France opted for less fullness on the top of the breast. Nipple size preference also varied from country to country, with the Brazilians liking the nipples bigger and the Germans liking their nipples to be more minimal.

Surgeons in the study were given images of breasts and then asked to adjust the images to meet what they believed would be ideal standards of beauty for breast augmentation. The results were compiled and compared. Interestingly, the age of the surgeon also was a factor in how large he or she made the nipples. Older surgeons went for larger nipples while younger surgeons preferred smaller nipples.

The goal of identifying a universal standard for attractiveness is futile. Attractiveness is tied to many factors, including social, cultural, and economic. There is no one single standard of ideal beauty, regardless of the gallons of ink that have been spilled about the so-called Golden Ratio and other Grecian and Western ideals.

When it comes to making decisions about plastic surgery, each patient must decide for herself what kind of breast she wants. In some cases this will be based on personal physical needs—as is often the case with breast reduction. In other cases, aesthetic determinations will be based on cultural factors—such as images a woman has idealized or what is deemed culturally acceptable at a given moment.

Before making a final decision about breast augmentation, every woman should take the time to fully consider what her aesthetic goals are. Women should also take the time to discuss these goals with a skilled plastic surgeon to ensure that she receives the best possible outcome given her goals, desires, and needs.

The study shows clearly that a one-size-fits-all approach to plastic surgery will never be acceptable. Patients should always select their plastic surgeon carefully. Surgeons who take the time to understand your needs will produce better results.

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