Twin Sisters Undergo Plastic Surgery to Remain Identical

Twin Sisters Undergo Plastic Surgery to Remain Identical

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Twin sisters Lucy and Anna DeCinque have shared everything their whole lives. The 28-year-old Australian natives have the same Facebook account, the same clothes, the same job, and even the same boyfriend. They have a bond with each other they feel can never be broken. But are these twins just a little too close?

Already identical, there’s not much that distinguishes Lucy and Anna from one another. But is this because of genetics or because of plastic surgery? For years, the twins have maintained their trend of sharing by getting the same plastic surgery procedures. Taking identical to a whole new level, the sisters say they’ve spent $200,000 on cosmetic procedures in order to remain as identical as possible throughout the aging process.

The first “twin surgery” Lucy and Anna underwent was an identical breast implant surgery. The sisters were inspired by reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian and wanted to have a similar cup size. Since then, the twins have gotten several other procedures, from minimally invasive treatments like microdermabrasion, to more complex surgeries such as lip fillers and tattooed eyebrows.

So far, the twins say they have not regretted any of the surgeries they have undergone.

The sisters share a bed, take turns working the same job serving meals to the elderly, and are in a relationship with the same man, so it’s only natural they share plastic surgery procedures….right?

“We like looking after ourselves, what girl doesn’t?” said Anna, when asked about her and her sister’s desire to remain as identical as possible.

“We can’t imagine a day when we’re not in each other’s company,’’ added Lucy.

But while onlookers may find it strange that the sisters have no qualms about getting plastic surgery procedures done together, these aren’t the only twins who have gone under the knife.

Back in November, 2013, twin sisters in Korea were chosen to go on the local television show called “Let’s Beauty,” and underwent several cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance. From blepharoplasty to chin restructuring, the sisters had several cosmetic treatments done and in looked completely different in the end, but still managed to retain their resemblance as twins.

Sharing surgical procedures also extends beyond the world of twins. Couples plastic surgery procedures are becoming increasingly popular. Couples want to share in the experience in order to grow closer, and for many, getting plastic surgery together also means the couple will maintain their youthful appearance – which is a driving force for twins Lucy and Anna as well.

There are undoubtedly several benefits to undergoing cosmetic procedures with loved ones. The sheer fact of knowing your loved one had the same treatments means they understand exactly what each other is going through, increasing their level of connection and strengthening their relationship.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, an experienced plastic surgeon in New York , has treated many siblings and couples who have chosen to undergo surgery together. If you have considered any kind of body contouring procedure or even a minimally invasive treatment like Botox, Dr. Grossman can ensure you and your loved one’s aesthetic goals are achieved with optimal results. Contact Dr. Grossman at  212-585-2133 to schedule a consultation today.

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