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tummy tuck procedure by Dr. Leonard Grossman in NYCSkilled Plastic Surgeon Performing Tummy Tuck in NYC.
A tummy tuck procedure (or abdominoplasty) is designed to make your belly or abdomen look firmer, flatter and more sculpted. During the surgery, skin and fat from the lower abdomen are removed and the muscles and skin are tightened. Your plastic surgeon can also remove love handles, or any other excess fat you may have remaining in the area, allowing you to achieve that firm, picture-perfect abdominal area. The procedure may be performed along with liposuction and a list of other surgical procedures. Tummy tucks in Brooklyn are ideal for patients who may have undergone significant weight loss or for patients who were pregnant and who wish to tighten the skin and muscle of their bellies. Dr. Leonard Grossman is a skilled plastic surgeon who has performed countless tummy tucks. He can perform most procedures in several hours.

Tummy Tuck: A Nice Complement to Your Weight Loss Regimen
Congratulations! You’ve lost significant weight! You’ve dieted, exercised, and have watched the pounds melt off. However, despite everything you do, you cannot get those stretched-out abs to look right. You dreamed about having a perfectly flat stomach, and have lost the weight to earn it. You deserve to have the look you’ve worked for. It is normal for people who have lost significant weight to have excess skin around the abdominal region. This skin can make the abdominal area appear flabby or distended. A tummy tuck  procedure produces results that the gym cannot. It is not a replacement for dieting and a strong regimen of personal fitness. Rather, it serves as a nice complement to your healthy new lifestyle. An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure in Brooklyn NY will leave you having the flat stomach you’ve always dreamed about. Dr. Grossman takes the time to consult with each patient to learn about their unique needs. He has years of experience providing his patients with dramatic results.

How It Works
During the procedure, the plastic surgeon makes an incision along the bikini line. Dr. Grossman will then add contour to the area by tightening the muscles and by removing excess fat as needed (some patients elect to undergo liposuction at this point). The skin is then pulled down and tightened. The result: a beautiful new and flatter stomach. The procedure lasts anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the patient. Some patients, who require hernia repair may need longer surgery. Dr. Grossman has made many innovations to the tummy tucks, one of which is that his patients don’t require the use of drain tubes. This fact gives Dr. Grossman’s patients greater freedom and mobility. Most patients feel remarkably better one to two days after their surgery, but a full recovery can take anywhere from two to six weeks depending on the complexity of the procedure and the individual case.

Call Dr. Leonard Grossman Today To Start Looking Your Best
A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty procedure is a complex surgery. It is very important to find a plastic surgeon who can discuss the risks and perform the procedure with experience and skill. Dr. Leonard Grossman is an experienced plastic surgeon who has helped countless patients achieve their ideal look. If you have lost significant weight, but still long for that flat stomach you dreamed of, contact Dr. Leonard Grossman today to plan your tummy tuck procedure.

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