Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Wants to Become a Plastic Surgeon

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Wants to Become a Plastic Surgeon

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MTV’s “Teen Mom OG,” Farrah Abraham, has big plans for her post-MTV future. According to the International Business Times, Abraham has expressed the desire to go back to school and pursue a career in plastic surgery. And no, she doesn’t mean a career in getting plastic surgery. She wants to be a surgeon. The young star has had quite an eclectic career as it is. She’s been an adult film star, has penned her own book trilogy, has designed novelty toys, and continues to serve as an MTV reality star. Abraham has also started several other businesses in the meantime, including a stint in real estate and wealth management.

If Abraham wants to make her dream of becoming a plastic surgeon a reality, she’ll have many years of school ahead of her. Plastic surgeons are medical doctors and are required to complete medical school as well as residencies. Getting a medical degree in itself is a rigorous process. Doctors-to-be must first complete their B.A., often in a field such as biology or chemistry where the student can study the important prerequisites that will be needed to pass crucial entrance exams and gain admission to medical school. Just passing these courses isn’t enough. With medical school entry becoming more competitive every year, students need to earn high grades, while also keeping up with extracurricular in the field. This means, serving as an intern at a plastic surgery clinic, or serving the community in some area related to the medical field. Students then must take the MCAT, an exam required by all students who wish to attend medical school. It goes without saying that test takers must score well on this exam. Finally, students who gain admission to medical school must complete anywhere from 4 to 5 years of medical school where the student will learn general medicine.

Plastic surgeons are required to know how the human body works, are required to know complex anatomy, and be skilled physicians in their own right. In the later years of medical training doctors can specialize. In many cases, students choose to attend colleges that specialize in the training of plastic surgeons.

Finishing medical school is not the end of the road. Plastic surgeons are then required to apply to residency programs where they will train as plastic surgeons anywhere from 6 to 10 years under the supervision of skilled doctors. Residency programs are also competitive, so students have to keep their grades up while in medical school.

After all these years of training, finally, a plastic surgeon can begin his or her own practice. The long road isn’t over even then. Plastic surgeons continue to learn and grow within the field, and continue to gain experience. For instance, Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. a skilled NYC plastic surgeon, not only has the years of training and experience, but he has also served the medical community by being involved in studies of silicone breast implants and contributing knowledge to the plastic surgery community.

Abraham has a long road ahead of her. For plastic surgery patients, this long process by which a student becomes a surgeon ensures that patients get the beautiful results they want and deserve.

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