T.U.B.A. Recovery: What to Expect

T.U.B.A. Recovery: What to Expect

When you wake up, you will most likely smile, not cry or whimper like you may have seen on TV. You will experience absolutely no pain at all. Your immediate family will be allowed to come in and stay with you until you are ready to go home.
In our facility there are no recovery rooms. You will stay and recover in the same room where your surgery had been performed. Our operating tables are warmed and comfortable and since we have three such operating rooms, no one will rush you. Nonetheless with our wonderful and modern anesthesia, you will only need about 20 to 30 minutes to be absolutely wide awake and ready to go home.  You will not be cold or experience shivering, like is typical in a hospital setting, since the whole time you will also be under a very warm blanket.

You may begin to experience some discomfort/pressure in your chest and very little in the abdomen area, as the local anesthetic wears off.  This usually happens a few hours after the procedure. You may certainly take one of your pain relievers if this is the case.  You should not expect any type of pain that cannot be relieved with your pain medications.  However, pain thresholds often vary from patient to patient.

It is highly unlikely that you will feel nauseated from the anesthesia and medications.  You will be given some hot tea almost immediately upon awakening from anesthesia. Once you leave the office you can eat anything your heart desires and in fact nearly all of our patients feel very happy and very hungry right after the surgery.

After you are released from our Surgery Center you will be driven home by your selected caretaker.  You may want to consider having a post-operative traveling kit with you in the car.  Prepare these items in advance and have your caretaker set this up after your surgery is underway.  This kit will certainly help for a more comfortable ride home.  These items may include:

  • pillows to arrange around you in the vehicle for support and comfort
  • a small, warm blanket
  • bottled water

Once you are home you will have hopefully set up a recovery area.  This recovery area may consist of a recliner or bed with several fluffy pillows for support and elevation, bottled water, medications, a cordless phone, remote controls, books or a lap top and of course something to eat, in case you get hungry.

You may want to have a bell in case you need to “torture” your caretaker a little, while they are in the other room.
Think ahead and determine what you may need during your recovery.  If you believe there is a possibility you may need an item, put it within easy reach.  You will not be able to bend over with ease or raise your arms right away.  You will have to take it easy for a few days.  With T.U.B.A., many patients report feeling well in a day and some feel better within 3 to 4 days.  Take it easy.  Listen to your body and most certainly abide by Dr. Grossman’s post-operative instructions.

You will return to Dr. Grossman’s office the next day to have all the dressing completely removed. After this point in time you may shower freely.  Be sure to have either your caretaker help you or use the support of a recovery shower chair unless you are fortunate to have one built in your shower.  Of course none of this is necessary if you needed no narcotics for pain relief, which would make you like the most of our patients.

There will be many changes in the next few weeks during the healing phase, but don’t panic.  If something concerns you, simply inform Dr. Grossman or his staff. You may experience increase, decrease or loss of sensitivity, sensations of heat or cold, experience pins and needles or hear crackling under the skin.  Your breasts may rarely be bruised, appear pointy, asymmetrical, flat, too big, too small, too high, too low and a host of other complaints, which may very well be normal under your circumstances.  You must have patience during the healing phase, especially with sub-pectoral (sub-muscular) placement of the implants.  With sub pectoral implant placement you may experience more soreness, tense muscles, spasms in the upper back as well as your breasts may appear constricted due to the pressure of these muscles.  This will pass.  Your muscles have been through trauma during the surgical stretching and must be expected to heal before all is back to normal.  If you need anything during any phase of your recovery do not hesitate to call our office at any time.

For more information on Transumbilical Breast Augmentation visit our other pages:

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One of the many reasons patients opt for TUBA surgery over traditional procedures is the fact that this technique offers a superior level of versatility. Patients can choose between small, moderate or major enhancement, and can also decide to have their implants placed over the muscle (subglandular) or under the muscle (subpectoral or submuscular). The options are virtually limitless.

In addition to increasing breast size, patients can also undergo several other treatments with the TUBA method, including corrective and reconstructive procedures as well as a breast lift. Below are some of the many procedures that can be performed using the trans-umbilical technique:

Whether you desire to enhance your breasts by one cup size, three or more, TUBA Breast Augmentation can accommodate your needs. Unlike in the traditional techniques, there are no restrictions as far as how small or large the size of the implants can be.

After having breast enlargement surgery, some patients later decide that they would prefer to reduce or increase their cup size. If you are dissatisfied with the size of your saline implants, you can choose to increase or decrease that size via TUBA surgery.

In most cases, implants can be easily exchanged with the TUBA method, even in cases where patients have previously undergone traditional surgery for saline breast implants. This eliminates the need for additional incisions and painful recovery.

Many patients who desire a breast lift, in addition to augmentation, can do so via TUBA. As long as the lift desired is small to moderate. Since Belly Button Breast Augmentation requires only one navel incision, patients can conveniently lift and enlarge their breasts in a single procedure and will not have to worry about additional, visible scars on the breasts.

Considering Transumbilical Breast Augmentation? Not sure what to do? If you are trying to determine whether TUBA is the right procedure for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you in good physical and mental health?
  2. Do you wish to return to your normal work and activity routine as quickly as possible?
  3. Are you interested in increasing the size of your breasts, but worry about the possibility of visible scarring in the chest area?
  4. Are you concerned about how natural your breasts will look after augmentation surgery?
  5. Is this your first time undergoing breast implant surgery?
  6. Have you considered replacing previous saline implants?
  7. Would you like to spend the minimum amount of time in surgery and recovery?
  8. Do you want to have the softest breasts possible?
  9. Do you want the most natural look?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then TUBA may be the ideal choice for you.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, one of world’s most respected and renowned plastic surgeons, is ready to talk with you and answer all of your questions.


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