Summer Trends in Plastic Surgery

Summer Trends in Plastic Surgery

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The long awaited summer is finally upon us and nothing feels better than being comfortable in your own clothing or the lack of them. Wearing as little as possible is key to the summer fashion and a good plastic surgeon can help on all the fronts of you being able to look the best when very little is required; like a bathing suit.

If you want breasts that look just right and perky and without any signs of surgical involvement, then you must consider Breast Augmentation using Fat Transfer. In this procedure your own, unwanted fat from one area is being put to some very good use, by being properly injected into the breasts making them naturally and permanently larger, without any scars or pain. You can be on the beach swimming in just one week.

At the same time you can have a smaller waist, narrower hips and lose your saddle- bags forever. Your tummy can be sculpted like no gym or trainer can ever deliver. Your legs can be made longer and straighter with the proprietary methodology of Dr. Grossman’s correction of bowed legs. Show your self off on the beach or a party while wearing shorts or a miniskirt often in less than one week.

Don’t have any extra fat on your body, don’t worry; Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation will create just the right breast size you have always wanted without any visible scars. Be your own popular “ten” on the beach.

If it is the sinfully round bottom that you want, then Brazilian Butt Lift may just be for you. In this procedure you will lose the fat where it is unwanted and put it to some good use in your gluts where the additional fat will result in a permanently larger, firmer and higher positioned buttocks, which is scar-less and something you can easily show on the beach in about one week.

We all know how bright the sun is in the summer and especially on the beach, all of which lead to squinting, which promotes unwanted wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth. This is where Botox or Dysport come handy, making your face look tanned and fresh, yet without the wrinkles.

Every one likes a beautiful pout and why not, juicy lips speak good health, sex and are plain beautiful, but only when done by a professional plastic surgeon who understands correct proportions and esthetic shapes as well as experience of many years in using Hyaluronic Acid fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Silk and Volbella.

Your face is too thin or gaunt and you have no extra fat on the body to help with restoration of that youthful look, look no further, Dr. Grossman has the longest history in America of using and initially experimenting with the filler Sculptra, having treated thousands of patients since 1995 without the need for face lifting surgery.

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