Sarah Jessica Parker Getting Plastic Surgery?

Sarah Jessica Parker Getting Plastic Surgery?

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Celebrities are often the talk of the town, especially when it comes to plastic surgery. Staying young and beautiful isn’t always easy, especially when all your imperfections are magnified on the big screen. Many stars opt for plastic surgery to correct minor flaws, such as a crooked nose, which Rhinoplasty can easily improve, or may often choose to enhance their natural features, such as through breast augmentation surgery. Then there are treatments like Botox or facial fillers that rejuvenate and turn back the hands of time, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

But while some celebrities are open about their treatments, others are not so quick to reveal the work they’ve had done or the fact that they want to undergo cosmetic surgery. Is Sarah Jessica Parker one of these celebrities?

Sarah Jessica Parker has dazzled on the both the big and small screens for many years, even appearing on Broadway when she was a young girl. However, the 48-year-old may not be feeling so young these days. Rumor has it that SJP wants to get plastic surgery for her hands, which have been called “zombie hands” by tabloids.

While calling them “zombie hands” is a bit extreme, it is normal for the hands to show signs of aging, much the way the face naturally does. As we grow older, the skin on our hands begins to sag and lose support around the underlying muscle. Hand rejuvenation plastic surgery is a common and simple procedure to treat these problems, as well as other issues experienced by patients related to medical complications.

For instance, hand plastic surgery can improve the strength and flexibility of the hands, restore function following an accident or due to a birth defect, and reduce pain associated with conditions like Carpal tunnel syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis and Dupuytren’s contracture – conditions which affect the joints and nerves of hands and cause pain.

Patients can opt for reconstructive surgery to correct these issues, or they can also choose to improve the appearance of the hands through the use of filler injections and other rejuvenating procedures.

Hand surgery is a common and life-changing procedure for many individuals. Is Parker considering surgery or a filler for her hands as well?

According to a source from Star magazine, “Sarah didn’t realize how bad her hands were until a friend pointed them out. She’s been freaking out ever since and looking into procedures to make them look younger and less veiny.”

The source went as far as to say SJP has “even stopped having her nails done so less attention would be drawn to her hands.”

But while the source went on to talk about Parker’s plastic surgery dreams, another source close to the actress denies the claims.

Will she opt for the treatment down the road? Perhaps. Either way, hand surgery or rejuvenation should not be something to hide. Thousands of people around the world undergo procedures to help alleviate some of the painful symptoms of hand conditions or to feel more confident in their overall appearance.

Here in New York, plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman has treated many patients who have opted for filler injections to correct issues with their hands or fill out hollow areas.  According to Dr. Grossman, the Patients’ Own Fat presents the best treatment option. Fat Transfer, when done by an expert, should provide a tremendous amount of rejuvenation in the way the hands look and feel. In many patients the hands look twenty or more years younger and even the skin tone and color improves.

If the patient wants a “quick fix” then other injectable fillers are available, with Radiesse  and Restylane  being the most common ones. However, says Grossman even though your hands may look better, the skin won’t look as radiant as when the fat is being used.

If you reside in the New York Metropolitan area, turn to Dr. Grossman to see what hand rejuvenation treatment is best for your individual needs.

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