Round Head Surgery Popular

Round Head Surgery Popular

Round Head Surgery by Dr. Grossman Organic Plastic Surgery in New York

Plastic surgery is very popular in South Korea. In fact, more people are undergoing surgeries in the nation per capita than here in the United States, and the types of surgeries they are getting are also a bit odd. The latest craze overseas right now is what’s being called “Round Head Surgery”.  The procedure does exactly what it sounds like it does – provide patients with a rounder head. But why are so many South Koreans racing to their nearest clinics to get this treatment?

According to reports, many South Koreans report feeling low self esteem because of the shape of their heads. Many have admitted to being “ridiculed” for having a “sunken” or flat back part of the head. As a result, these individuals are seeking the help of plastic surgery to correct this imperfection, thus Round Head Surgery was born.

The procedure is fairly simple, taking under an hour to perform and requiring only a small incision. Surgeons will use a form of bone cement to create the round shape in the head, which adheres to the skull and becomes part of the bone. The only downside is that the head will be heavier, but only by 20 to 80 grams, a sacrifice South Koreans are willing to make.

Though this type of cosmetic surgery isn’t new, it is just starting to become popular. And though it is increasing in popularity, other surgeries, such as liposuction and blepharoplasty are still much more popular.

South Korea has been known to take a giant leap when it comes to cosmetic procedures, sometimes taking things a bit too far. Plastic surgery can change the physical appearance of a patient, improving imperfections and self esteem, but are South Koreans taking it a little too far with the Round Head Surgery?

We’ve never heard of anyone being ridiculed for the back part of their head, but bullying can take many forms. Perhaps in South Korea, young children are mocked for this particular physical attribute, leading them to seek out plastic surgery to improve the shape of their head and their self esteem.  But regardless of why it is popular, anyone considering any type of surgery should thoroughly consider their decision.

Is the surgery necessary? How will you feel after the procedure? How will your life change for the better?

Sometimes, individuals rush to have a treatment performed because they are in the heat of the moment and may feel self conscious about their appearance. In South Korea, it’s not uncommon to see teens going under the knife, but here in the U.S., most procedures cannot be performed until a patient is at least 18 years of age. The reason being that an individual’s body undergoes constant changes up until then, and what may be a small imperfection that bothers the individual now may not be a big deal later down the road.

An experienced plastic surgeon will not perform a treatment that is not without purpose and will always speak with their patient and let them know what they can expect. If you are still confused about the procedure or are unsure if you would benefit from a particular treatment, Dr. Leonard Grossman can help you determine the best course of action so your results can be spectacular.

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