Romanian Starlet Blackmails Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

Romanian Starlet Blackmails Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

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How far would you go for a breast augmentation? While most of us rely on our good old-fashioned paychecks to fund our surgeries, it appears that others go to greater lengths. Romanian starlet Oana Zavoranu has undergone a whopping seven breast enlargement surgeries. In order to fund her eighth, she threatened to reveal inside information about the Romanian “silicone mafia.” She claimed that funds reserved for burn victims were being used for cosmetic surgery. Zavoranu’s claim doesn’t seem to hold water according to the Romanian authorities who arrested her this week.

What were her motivations? In texts recovered by the authorities, it seems that Zavoranu was unhappy with her seventh breast augmentation. Yet, was her plastic surgery really a failure or does Zavoranu suffer from plastic surgery addiction?

Most patients who undergo breast augmentation and enlargement are satisfied with their procedure. Medical technology makes it possible for patients to experience satisfactory results with quick recovery times. For instance, Dr. Grossman is a plastic surgeon skilled in performing excellentTransumbilical Breast Augmentation in New York. The surgery is completed in about twenty minutes, with no visible scars, fewer chances of losing nipple sensation, and fewer overall complications. One additional benefit of this type of surgery is that breast size increases can be rather dramatic. Dr. Grossman has been performing this procedure since 1996, with his patients being able to increase their breast size by as much as three cups. The implants used also come with a lifetime warranty, so there should be no need to replace them or undergo additional surgeries. If a satisfactory plastic surgery result is possible after just one simple procedure, something else must be amiss with Zavoranu. Could it be body dysmorphic disorder?

Plastic surgery addiction is often the result of body dysmorphic disorder, a

condition in which an affected individual experiences anxiety related to their appearance or to perceived defects in their appearance. People suffering from this condition find themselves compulsively driven to undergo plastic surgeries and may erroneously believe that a successful plastic surgery hasn’t given them the results they need. People suffering from this disorder may focus on fixing one body part. Those who find themselves unsatisfied with their appearance after having undergone several repeated procedures may wish to consult a medical professional to determine whether they suffer from this condition.

It is not clear whether Zovaranu is suffering from body dysmorphic disorder or from plastic surgery addiction. However, it is important, if you are considering plastic surgery in New York to find a surgeon who is experienced and able to perform a satisfactory surgery the first time. Dr. Grossman works carefully with his patients to make sure they are satisfied with their final look.

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