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This was one of my many visits with Dr Grossman in many, many years. He had done the Brazilian Butt Lift for my relatively thin body in 2012 and I still look and feel amazing. This time the doctor was as always very pleasant and patient with my story and concerns. His advice was priceless and care was tender and exact. His Botox treatment was by far the least painful I’ve ever had. Juvederm treatment was flawless. Dr Grossman is a master in his speciality and I recommend him highly.

I love this office. Dr. Grossman and his staff are simply amazing. He is very friendly and attentive, and his girls are pure angel’s. Very pleasant all the time. Always smile on their face. I had my tuna done . My results are just awesome. My breasts feel and look real. No one can tell the difference. If i could i would give them 100 stars. Definitely a place to recommend and go back to. You guys are AMAZING.

I had calf augmentation with fat grafting 3 month ago in the Brooklyn office. At first i was a little nervous about my procedure , but after it all got done it was obvious that the Dr. Grossman did an amazing job. I was scared of how everything would turn out at the end and even though the doctor told me I will be going home completely fine on my legs and I did. The surgery and after was not painful at all, and I didn’t take any pain medication. I don’t have any scars from the procedure .I highly recommend Dr.Grossman to do any procedure you would like to be done. Thank you doctor and the office stuff for very professional work!!!
Tina, New Jersey
I had a lip reduction surgery by Dr Grossman and I love my results. I had a very bad silicon injection experience about 7 years ago so my upper lip was unproportionally bigger and became extremely uneven with time. So I had to go through this procedure. Be ready for swallowing and stitches, and I really recommend to take 3-4 days off ( my case was really bad so my lips looked bad for about a week). The worst part: sleeping in a sitting position and some itching while you have stitches. But the result was worth it!! It’s been 6 months since the surgery now: no marks from stitches, no “dry lip” feeling, even and natural looking lips. If you had bad silicone injections, don’t be scared of lip reduction! Dr Grossman knows what he is doing, the surgery itself took about 30-40 minutes, I didn’t feel anything just some pain 5-6 hours later, but it was not that bad, 1 took 1 painkilling pill and was fine. My lips looked huge that day, and the next day but then it started getting better. Be patient, in my case( which was pretty bad) it took me a week after surgery and a week after he took off the stitches till my lips started looking decent. But in about a month I was already happy when looking in the mirror. I had to use my lip balm 100 times a day and put cream on them every night. But now the result is great and it feels great. Thank you, Dr Grossman!
I had calf Augmentation with fat grafting and am very happy with the result. My legs is bigger and looks natural. All my life I was unable to wear short dresses,short pants, and skirts. Since the surgery myself esteem has increased. Dr Grossman and his staff were always nice and professional, I will return to him in the future for more surgery and i will highly recommend him anyone looking to have plastic surgery.
A K, Massachusetts
I had calf augmentation three months ago. I have wanted to do this for more than twenty years. The procedure went very well and the staff were helpful and responsive. My confidence in wearing dresses, leggings and jeans has increased dramatically. I couldn’t be happier!
Reyna, Queens, New York
I had lip augmentation with silicone and I am very happy with the result. My lips look bigger, but still natural. I also had botox shots which made me f eel instantly younger, fresher and I even got rid of tension headache. The office staff and doctor were always professional and corteous.Before each prosedure dr. listened to my questions and concerns. I will definitely keep going to dr. Grossman for botox and in the future if I will need other procedures, he will be the one I will go to.
Maria Z, Brooklyn, NY
I had breast augmentation (TUBA), hip, knees and back lipo as well as Brazilian butt lift all done on the same day. My major concerns were the recovery process and time it would take to resume basic exercise. I had my reservations when the doctor said I would be back to my normal routine in a few days. I was back to running 5 days! Breast augmentation was absolutely painless, lipo did cause some substantial bruising that lasted about 2-3 weeks and made it somewhat painful to exercise but nevertheless I was able resume my very demanding routine in 4-6 days (including skiing, running, yoga and barre). It took for about 30 days for swelling to subside and the final result was absolutely amazing and best of all no one could tell I had work done. Even breasts look and feel natural.
I am very fit but as you get older gravity takes its tall and certain things you just cant work off… I love my post surgery look and it was the best thing I have done for myself!

LK, New York
I had lipoetching (six pack lipo) done with Dr. Grossman more than 3 years ago. The result today is definitely better than I expected. The recovery and care was easy as well. The only thing that was somewhat difficult was keeping faith that “the swelling will go down”. It took good three months for my awesome six pack to become obvious. That helped in that everyone believed it was all me working out, which I still do. I can tease the lights out of my grandson who can’t get the look I have.
One of the best things I have done for my self ever.
Thanks to Dr. Grossman and his competent staff everything was even better than promised.

Eric Johnson, NY, NY
I had a breast augmentation 6 months ago. Overall, I am happy with the result. Though, I wish my breast was a little softer and had a more natural look by this time. Massages are very important. I still do a lot of massages throughout a day. One important thing is to follow all your doctor’s instructions! He knows better than anyone else. I have a lot of friends who also had a breast augmentation. They gave me different advices what massages to do and so on. As a result I did wrong massages for a certain period of time, and, as Dr. Grossman said, it could be the reason why it took my breast longer than usual to soften. So the only person you should listen to is your doctor and no one else!
Kate, New York
I am a mature female, who was a yo-yo dieter most of my life. Finally at the age of 60, I am size 8 and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a result of years of abuse, I had a severe case of flabby arms aka “bat-wings”, which could not be minimized by diet and exercise.
When I met with Dr. Grossman, I was skeptical. I have known women who had arm-lifts and in nearly all cases the scar was more hideous than the excess weight under their arms!
Dr. Grossman assured me that his procedure was unique because of the very small, almost invisible sutures he uses. He said that when I was totally healed, the scar would barely be visible. I had the procedure 7-months ago and my scar is less noticeable with each passing day. The entire procedure was done in his office, the pain was minimal and I went to work in a couple of days. The office was welcoming and discreet, which I really appreciated! Theresa, Brooklyn, NY

Theresa, Brooklyn, NY
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Grossman. I was so nervous about getting my fat transfer for calves and knee lipo, but upon meeting Dr. Grossman, all my fears melted away. He did an amazing job! It has been almost two years and I have lost none of the fat. I wear short dresses, swimsuits and even shorts , for the first time in my life. The other day, I was dress shopping and the saleslady said ” Well, you can wear short dresses cause you have beautiful legs.” I almost cried! THANK YOU Dr. Grossman and his excellent staff, for transforming my life!
Sylvie, Ontario, Canada
I had calf augmentation with fat grafting 6 moth ago I am very happy with the results ! Doctor did a great job on my legs , I don’t have any scars from liposuction and no scars at all , I really recommend Dr. Grossman to every woman who want to have a beautiful legs !!!! The surgery was not painful at all I even didn’t take the painkillers pills after it. The office stuff and Doctor were always very nice and professional !!! Thank you very much for your great work Dr. Grossman!!!!
Marina Milfer, Brooklyn NY
I had a lip reduction procedure in the Brooklyn office and everything was just perfect. Now it has been a month and 2 weeks since I had that surgery and I don’t have any scars and my lips are not swollen any more. I had all these symptoms the first 3-4 weeks which is, i suppose, a normal reaction of your body when something is cut out, but I followed all the instructions that the Doctor gave me and now I am absolutely fine. The first week after the surgery the lips were even bigger then before and it was a bit difficult to smile and talk….and of course I was very nervous about that, but then it started getting smaller and smaller with every day. So I think you should consider a little break at work after the surgery ( about 4-5 days). The surgery itself is not painful and even after I didn’t take any painkillers. As I said it hurt just a little bit when I had stitches, which you have only one week after that. Now my upper lip is almost 2 times smaller than it was before and I am so happy about that!! Thank you , Doctor!
Tatiana, New Jersey
I had botox injections.There was no pain at all. In 4 days I began to see the deep lines under my eyes lessen. the lines in my forhead totally dissappeared
TM, Brooklyn NY
Dr. Grossman is an amazing Plastic/cosmetic Surgeon! His ability to alter, not only the physical aspects, but emotional mind frame of a person is priceless!!! I have been to Dr.Grossman twice now with outstanding work!!! Practically painless injectables and Hollywood like results!!! Dr. Grossman has met and by far exceeded, all of my expectations with his remarkable work! I feel like a billion dollars when I look in the mirror! Compliments as well as inquiries keep pouring in!!! I will be sure to be back for a touchup on my lips before the summer:):):) With results like these, there is no need to fly to Beverly Hills!!! I am currently on a Reality TV show and I feel and look fantastic!!! Changing the way you look, can absolutely change the way you feel!!! Everyone looks in a mirror.Why not look in it and smile!!!! Ava Angelina
Ava Angelina Thomas, Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
I had breast Augmentation (TUBA) done 6 months ago. At first, I was very hesitant to perform this procedure with dr. grossman, just because of my nerves and the dumb online reviews. When I finally went through with the surgery, i thought to myself, why was I so scared. The surgery was done in his brooklyn facility, it took like 45 mins (if not less). The anasthesia he used was wonderful, it did not make me feel nauseous. I was able to eat and drink as soon as i walked out the door. There was minimal pain, just soreness. Next day I was out all day with my kids. Everyone was surprised as to why I was not bed bound. One, thing I will suggest is to listen to his recommendations, he knows best, he does these surgeries all the time. I learned from my mistake, because he told me to go a little bigger, and at the time I was so nervous not to look so huge, but now that my breast are settling in, I realized that going a little bigger might have looked better on my body type. He is a great, fun, cool and proffessinal doctor. I definitely will be returning to him when I need to fix myself again.
AE, Staten Island, NY