More Religious Women Seeking Plastic Surgery

More Religious Women Seeking Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery has been noted to give women and men advantages in the job market. But, in recent decades, more women have been turning to plastic surgery in order to remain competitive on the dating market. When looking for a mate, individuals tend to seek out partners who share common life values and goals. For instance, a college educated woman will seek out a college educated man. A religious woman will often only seek out a similarly religiously-oriented male.

Yet, recent studies have found that women tend to outnumber men in both religious and in college-educated communities. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, women comprise approximately 59% of the undergraduate student body, and 61% of the student body pursuing advanced degrees. In general, women with advanced degrees seek out mates with similar education levels. Yet, due to the gender imbalances, these women may be seeking partners in a dating pool where the odds are stacked against them. According to Time Magazine, there are four college-educated women for every three men. Researchers have found that when men outnumber women, culturally, the dating scene is less likely to favor individuals seeking monogamous relationships. Men are more likely to be choosy and to play the field.

Women in religious communities face similar imbalances. According to Trinity College’s American Religious Identification Survey, for every 150 Mormon women, there are only 100 Mormon men. Women who identify with the Orthodox Jewish faith face similar gender imbalances in the dating market. Devout Christians are also likely to see imbalances as well. For many women, dating outside the faith is not an option.

The imbalance between men and women in religious communities has been associated with a higher tendency of men to defect from the faith. The women who remain have to fight harder for the pious men that stay.

So, in order to remain competitive in these difficult dating markets, more women are finding ways to make themselves more appealing to the men making the decisions.

Here’s where plastic surgery becomes a strategic choice for many religious women. Just as actors and actresses undergo plastic surgery to meet Hollywood’s aesthetic standards, so are women in religious societies choosing to have breast augmentations and other work performed in order to outcompete other women in the dating market. For women in the Mormon faith and in Orthodox Jewish communities, family, marriage, and motherhood are essential and important aspects of the faith. Women who are devout face more pressure to find a partner and have children. Time reports that Mormon women will go to singles events and leave with new female friends, but no dates.

Research backs up the fact that more Mormon women are seeking plastic surgery. More women from Salt Lake City searched for breast implants than any other city in the nation.

The fact remains: many factors are involved when men and women choose to undergo plastic surgery. Research shows that the dating is surely one of them. If you’re planning to undergo plastic surgery, it is important to find a plastic surgeon who is using the latest techniques in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. is a plastic surgeon, who has been using the most advanced techniques in breast augmentations and improvement in facial presentation in New York City. He offers a range of implant and other procedure options for his patients. Contact his office today to learn more and improve your standings.

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