MemoryShape Breast Implant Approved

MemoryShape Breast Implant Approved

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Plastic surgery has come a long way throughout the years, especially when it comes to breast augmentation. Advances in the field have led women to control the size and shape of their desired breast implants, leading to more natural-feeling and natural-looking results. These days, women can choose from silicone or saline implants and can even enhance the size of their breasts naturally through fat transfer breast augmentation. And now, a recent announcement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could signal even greater possibilities for breast enhancement patients.

The FDA has approved a new silicone gel breast implant by Mentor Worldwide LLC called the MemoryShape Breast Implant, provided the company monitor the women with the implants and research their long-term effects. The agency gave the ok for the memory implants to be used for the enlargement of breast size in women 22 years of age and older and to rebuild breast tissue for women of any age.

This marks the fifth silicone gel breast implant to be approved by the FDA from Mentor, as well as two other companies, Allergan and Sientra. The approval comes after six years of research examining 955 women with the implants. A condition of the approval requires Mentor to follow up with the patients for 10 years to ensure the implant’s effectiveness and safety.

According to Mentor’s website, the new MemoryShape implants offer a more “natural and youthful firmness” for patients. The same implants have been used for over 10 years in more than 70 countries and unlike other breast implants which have a round shape, MemoryShape implants are moderate profile and teardrop shaped, mimicking the shape of a natural breast.

Each MemoryShape Implant features SILTEX® Texture, which assists in keeping the implants firmly in place. Implants can have a smooth or textured surface, depending on the patient’s individual preferences and needs. Textured breast implants were designed with the goal of reducing capsular contracture (the body responding negatively to the implants) and are especially beneficial in keeping teardrop shaped implants from shifting in position.

MemoryShape Implants are preceded by Mentor’s MemoryGel Breast Implants, which are filed with a proprietary cohesive silicone gel. MemoryGel Implants were approved by the FDA in 2006 and come in a wide range of sizes and profiles, including both textured and smooth surfaces.

Whether a patient opts for silicone or saline is entirely up to their personal preference as well as what would look better with the patient’s frame.  The goal of breast augmentation surgery is to provide a natural enhancement to the patient’s breasts. Before settling on a particular breast implant material, shape or size, patients should keep an open mind and schedule a consultation with their plastic surgeon to ensure the best option is chosen.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, who had served as a consultant for Mentor Corp. has been using both silicone and saline implants at his practice for over 18 years and makes sure the best suitable material and size is selected for the patient. Each style comes with its own unique advantages, which Dr. Grossman will thoroughly explain to his patients.

Call to schedule a consultation today to speak with Dr. Grossman about your ideal breast implant options.

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