How the Brazilian Butt Lift Got Its Name

How the Brazilian Butt Lift Got Its Name

Brazilian Butt Lift | Dr. Leonard Grossman M.D. | NY

Like big butts? Surgery can provide.

The Brazilian Butt Lift has quickly gained traction as one of the fastest-growing new kinds of plastic surgeries on the market today. NBC News reported a 16 percent increase in Brazilian Butt lifts since 2012.

During the surgery, a plastic surgeon will take fat from one area of the body (usually from an area where the fat isn’t desired) and place it in the buttocks, thus creating a fuller derriere. For admirers of J. Lo or Beyonce’s booty, the dream is now a reality. After Kim Kardashian showed off her booty in Paper Magazine, more women have decided to take matters relating to their butts into their own hands.

The Brazilian Butt Lift or a Butt Fill, actually has nothing to do with Brazil. It wasn’t even invented in Brazil. In 1996, Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. was performing a fat transfer surgery on television and the patient happened to be from Brazil. The show was titled “Building the Brazilian Butt.” The nickname for the procedure stuck and it’s now known by that moniker.

The Brazilian Butt lift allows patients to knock out two surgeries at once. First, liposuction will be performed allowing the patient to get rid of unwanted fat; be it around the waist or the love handles, saddle bags or the abdomen. Next, the fat is transferred to an area where it is desirable—namely the buttocks. Using fat instead of synthetic materials is preferable because the fat is more pliable and it gives the plastic surgeon more control over where it will go and how the patient will look following the surgery.

Of course, the amount of fat harvested and the quality of the fat harvested will determine the size of the results, which by the way should be natural and permanent according to Dr. Grossman..

Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. has been performing the Brazilian Butt lift for 20 years and he prides himself on taking a novel approach. His patients generally don’t experience bruising, nor are they required to wear compression garments. Patients also experience faster recovery times and Dr. Grossman reports that many can return to the gym after about a week and can sit normally after a week as well.

Because the effectiveness of the procedure is dependent on the amount of fat a patient has, not all patients will be good candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift. Yet, Dr. Grossman warns patients against doctors who tell their patients that they need to gain weight in order to have the procedure.

“Stay away. The reason is very simple. When you gain weight, you destroy your body,” he explains, adding that when patients gain weight, they stretch their skin and skin stretching often requires other procedures in order to be corrected. Once you decide to lose the gained weight, the weight will come off the booty as well. As a results you lose the butt and the hard earned cash.

Finding a skilled plastic surgeon, who can perform the procedure is essential to ensure that there are no complications and that your results are beautiful.

If you’re considering having a Brazilian Butt Lift performed, contact Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. Dr. Grossman will hold an initial consultation with you at his Brooklyn or the New York office to determine whether you’d be a good candidate for the surgery. For women who make good candidates, the surgery can lead to nothing short of amazing, beautiful and sexy results.


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