Fat Grafting in NYC: Is It Right For Me?

Fat Grafting in NYC: Is It Right For Me?

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Fat transfer, or fat grafting, surgery has many benefits. Because the procedure uses fat from your own body, there is NO chance of an allergic reaction, yet unlike other kinds of filling procedures, fat transfer results are permanent and safe. Using fat transfer, you can increase the size of your breasts, improve the shapeliness of your legs, increase your buttocks size, or restore your face’s youthful fullness and glow. You can also fix the defects caused by trauma or cancer. 

Fat transfer surgery is not for everyone. Many wonder whether the procedure is right for them or whether they should use implants, fillers, or other cosmetic surgery procedures. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about undergoing a fat transfer procedure. 

  1. Fat transfer candidates should not have any circulatory problems.  
  1. You must have sufficient donor sites of fat that you’d like to remove. During your initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon in New York City, you’ll discuss areas where you’d like liposuction and determine whether you have enough fat to achieve desired results using fat transfer. 
  1. You desire modest breast size increase. According to Smart Beauty Guide, women who are happy with breast shape and  want an increase in one to one and half cup sizes are ideal candidates for fat transfer procedures. Women who want significant breast size enlargements may want to use implants instead of fat transfer techniques. 
  1. You desire a fuller, more rounded buttocks. If you’re considering a Brazilian Butt Lift along with liposuction in another area of your body, fat transfer may be a good option for you. 
  1. You wish to retain the fullness of the face you had some twenty years ago, fat grafting with stem cells may be the right procedure for you. It is safer than a face-lift, leaves no scars and the results are permanent. Best of all, you will look like the young you, not like you in the wind tunnel. 
  1. You’re willing to have multiple injections to get the desired results you want. While some patients only need one treatment, some patients require a second injection of the fat in order to achieve the results they want. Real Self reminds patients that it’s important that they discuss their expectations with their cosmetic surgeon to get a better sense of what a course of treatment will require.  

Like any surgical procedure, fat transfer or fat grafting still requires surgery. You’ll need to be in good health and have realistic expectations about what the surgery can do for you. Liposuction is usually scarless. The good news is that if there are scars, they are small, barely visible, and tend to fade over time.  

The fat transfer technique often involves little pain and shorter recovery times than other kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures. Of course, every patient’s needs and recovery will depend on the area being treated and the extent of the surgery. Your surgeon will discuss all these factors with you before you go in for surgery. 

Fat transfer involves the careful injection of fat in a way that results in an ideal aesthetic shape. The cosmetic surgeon you choose to perform the procedure matters. Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. is a pioneering fat transfer surgeon in NYC who has been performing the procedure for over two decades. Contact his office today to learn more. 

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