Eiza Gonzalez Admits to Nose Job

Eiza Gonzalez Admits to Nose Job

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Eiza Gonzalez may not be a well-known celebrity here in the U.S., but in her home country of Mexico, she is a huge hit. The 23-year-old singer – and actor Liam Hemsworth’s new leading lady – has become the latest topic of gossip, but we just learned about a big announcement that not many others in her situation would readily come clean about. Gonzalez admitted she had a nose job a few years back, early on in her career, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Though some celebrities may claim they are just naturally blessed with good looks, to the trained eye of an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Leonard Grossman, there’s no hiding the fact that someone has undergone a major transformation, especially one involving a difference in the size or shape of a nose.

Many stars can get away with saying they lost weight through exercise or dieting when they really turned to liposuction, but there’s no attributing a new nose to hard work at the gym or pure coincidence. Gonzalez, like many celebrities before her, sought plastic surgery to improve the appearance of her nose, but unlike the majority of Tinsel Town’s finest, she actually came clean about it and has no shame in admitting she had nose surgery. In fact, she didn’t even give a runaround excuse of having a medical problem she needed to fix.

On an episode of the Spanish talk show Hoy back in 2011, Gonzalez came right out and said she just didn’t like the way her nose looked and decided to do something about it with Rhinoplasty. She didn’t have a deviated septum to correct nor any other problem with her nose that required medical attention. She just didn’t like her nose and wanted to improve it. Kudos to the young singer for honesty!

But even if she wouldn’t have admitted to the Rhinoplasty surgery, there’s no mistaking Gonzalez looks very different now than she did prior to her nose job. She appears to have thinned out the bridge of her nose and possibly had the tip reduced. The results look fantastic, and Gonzalez herself couldn’t be happier.

Here in the U.S., NY plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman knows just how much of a difference Rhinoplasty can make in an individual’s life. The nose is the focal point of the face, drawing attention and if it is disproportionately large compared to the rest of the individual’s features or significantly crooked, the individual may experience a decline in their self esteem.

Having helped hundreds of patients improve the way they feel about themselves through Rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Grossman can attest to the fact that Rhinoplasty surgery can drastically improve a patient’s confidence.

Best of all, according to Dr. Grossman not everyone with a crooked nose needs Rhinoplasty surgery.  Dr. Grossman was the first plastic surgeon in the US to have been using the modern age fillers, with the use of which the nose can be made to look like a work of art without any scars or pain. The ”nose job in the bottle” has is many ways changed the face of plastic surgery.

If you have considered getting a nose job, whether to correct a medical issue, birth defect or simply because you are not happy with the way your nose looks, contact NY plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman today to schedule a consultation and determine the best approach to your Rhinoplasty treatment.

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