Did Marilyn Monroe Have Surgery

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Surgery

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Surgery

Marilyn Monroe has always been revered for her curvy looks and unabashed personality, breaking traditions during her time and coming out as a strong woman, unafraid of her own sexuality or her ability to stand up for herself. But new evidence has brought to light the idea that we may not have really known who Marilyn really was. Could the blonde bombshell have been keeping a deep, dark secret? Was her body natural, or the result of plastic surgery?

For decades, many have speculated that Marilyn may have had plastic surgery to get her characteristic beauty and now, we finally have an answer. The starlet’s medical records and X-rays are now available to the public, and have confirmed that the girl next door known once as Norma Jean Baker DID in fact undergo plastic surgery at some point during her career.

A collection of Marilyn’s medical records, now up for sale with Julien’s Auction House in California, includes notes from Hollywood plastic surgeon, Michael Gurdin, between the years 1950 and 1962.  The documents were dated June 7, 1962, just one week after her 36th birthday and two months before her death, and show that Marilyn had a plastic surgery on her chin to correct a “chin deformity” via cartilage implant back in 1950, and a facial X-ray also shows that the actress had a small fracture on her nose, corroborating the claims that Marilyn had Rhinoplasty surgery early on in her career.  For both surgeries, Marilyn used the alias Joan Newman.

So what does this mean for die-hard Marilyn Monroe fans who have used the actress as an example of what a woman’s body “should” look like – curvy and natural? Marilyn’s fans never really thought about her as ever going under the knife, or perhaps, they just didn’t want to believe that she might.

Plastic surgery has been around for decades and only now, both women and men are being more open about their treatments. Many would like to think Marilyn was au naturale, but it’s not uncommon to see individuals undergo plastic surgery at all ages and for all types of reasons. There’s no shame in undergoing reconstructive work to improve upon a physical feature we are unhappy with. There’s only so much diet and exercise can do, and for most of us, being born with a larger than average nose, protruding or receding chin is not something we want to deal with for the rest of our lives.

Plastic surgery can correct minor and major imperfections and make us feel good about ourselves, both outwardly and inwardly. Anyone who has been interested in getting cosmetic work done can talk to NY plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman to discuss the best way to improve your appearance, yet without the tale-tell signs of plastic surgery. Dr. Grossman can provide natural results, akin to Marilyn’s, that no one will be able to tell you had any surgery done.

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