Chin Augmentation in NYC

Chin Augmentation Photo Gallery

Chin Augmentation is a procedure designed for patients with a small or short chin, a condition which makes the face appear out of balance especially when looked at from a side view. The nose can appear long and the general appearance of these patients is of someone with a weak character even though this may be far from the truth.

Chin augmentation can be performed in a number of ways. One involves placing an implant (silicone, gortex or medpore) through a small incision under the chin or the mouth. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. There is postoperative swelling for approximately 5 to 10 days with mild to moderate discomfort.

Another approach is to use one of the temporary long lasting or permanent fillers to augment the chin. The advantage here is, that the procedure can be done within minutes during your initial consultation, with little or no discomfort. Results are long lasting or permanent.

Last, but not least, is  chin augmentation with Fat Grafting technique. Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer is a reliable technique which Dr. Grossman has been using successfully since 1993.

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