Calf Augmentation with Fat in Brooklyn, NYC

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Calf Augmentation using Fat Grafting  or Fat Transfer Technique (Calf Augmentation with Fat) has been performed by Dr. Grossman since 1995 with great success in both, men and women.

This procedure for calf augmentation is used to build structure anywhere in the lower portion of the leg. It is ideal for individuals whose legs look too thin, out of proportion, “bowlegged”, after cerebral palsy, polio, arthritis or any kind of trauma or asymmetry.

Many such people are being called “chicken legs” or “skinny legs”, as they have small calves or appear to have bowed legs. The insults some people hear, prevent them from enjoying life by going to the beach, wearing shorts or skirts. Patients are also perceived being bow legged when the shin or the ankle is very thin and this creates improper proportions in the lower portion of the leg. Placing calf silicone implants does NOT help in this situation and in fact makes the problem even more noticeable.

Dr. Grossman performs his proprietary Fat Grafting procedure by removing fat from one or more areas on the body by means of a syringe and a very small cannula (needle) and then, by means of injection, adding fat cells mixed with the patient’s own stem cells to the area of the leg where volume and muscle mass is lacking. This procedure for calf augmentation with fat produces improved balance and better proportions to the legs with permanent results and without scars.

This procedure is superior to the silicone calf implants in many ways: there are no scars, no difficulty in walking, minimal discomfort, rapid return to work, placement of the fat can be done to any area of the leg, chance of infection is almost nil, bleeding is almost nonexistent, no displacement of the fat is ever noted as compared to the calf implants, which can become displaced and show through the skin.


Fat Calf Augmentation allows women to wear skirts, which they could not have done before. Men will wear shorts without the fear of having skinny legs.

Many patients can return to work the very next day with no or minimal discomfort requiring no post-operative pain medications in the majority of patients.

The gym is allowed in just 7 days and being on the beach and swimming is OK in about one week.

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