Calf Augmentation with Fat is Changing the Popular Perspective on the Aesthetic Body Reshaping.

Calf Augmentation with Fat is Changing the Popular Perspective on the Aesthetic Body Reshaping.

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Fat grafting, and the use of body’s own fat cells to augment and improve the aesthetics of specific areas, is fundamentally changing the popular perspective on the procedure, which has traditionally remained almost entirely implant-based.
Dr. Leonard Grossman has been performing Calf Augmentation using Fat Grafting (Calf Augmentation with Fat) since 1995 – or just over 21 years. Specifically, Dr. Grossman has personally developed and has been successfully performing this procedure on hundreds of patients, enabling them to enjoy the easiest and nearly immediate return to daily activities.
In essence, Calf Augmentation with Fat is used to build structure anywhere in the lower portion of the leg.
Countless individuals, both men and women, live with so called “chicken legs”, or legs so skinny and out of proportion, they avoid public display of their legs at all costs, which – quite painfully – greatly limits their social activities, particularly in the summer months. Going to the beach or even wearing shorts and shorter skirts becomes a painful exercise in self-awareness, with most people simply choosing not to deal with the issue.

For many decades, the only available remedy to “skinny legs” has been placing silicone calf implants, which not only fails to address the problem, but rather makes it even more noticeable, while causing immense physical and psychological discomfort to most patients.
Dr. Grossman performs his proprietary Fat Grafting procedure by removing fat from one or more areas on the body by means of a syringe and a very small needle, after which, by means of injection, the fat cells are mixed with the patient’s own stem cells in the area of the leg where the volume and muscle mass are lacking. The results typically look entirely natural, are permanent and leave virtually no scarring whatsoever.

“Calf Augmentation with Fat is far superior to the silicone calf implants – in addition to a much better visual impression and lack of any scarring, patients have absolutely no difficulty walking, are able to return to work the very next day, and are even able to swim or visit the gym within approximately one week from the day of the procedure,” explains Dr. Grossman.
For more information on Calf Augmentation with Fat, please visit Dr. Grossman’s website.

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