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Calf Augmentation Surgery

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calf implants and calf augmentation surgery

Calf Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Calf augmentation surgery may be performed for a variety of reasons. According to the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery the procedure may be performed for aesthetic reasons, or to reconstruct a leg that has shrunken due to injury, illness, or due to congenital disability. If you’re considering calf augmentation surgery, you have many options. Some individuals choose to have calf implants, in which silicone is carved to achieve an ideal shape. However silicone implant surgery is plagued with many complications: infections, seroma (fluid accumulation), shifting of implants, unnatural appearance, implants poking through the skin, pain and prolonged recovery after surgery. The procedure can also be performed using fat. During this procedure, fat is removed from one area of the body and is transferred to the calf where it is desired or where volume is lacking. When patients have the option to choose calf augmentation with fat, this is often the better choice as it allows patients to enjoy beautiful results with little scarring, minimal discomfort, and allows patients to achieve permanent, more natural-looking legs. Unlike calf implants, which can only go over the calf muscles, Fat can be placed anywhere the patient chooses, even overlying the bone and in the ankle. Of course, in order to undergo this kind of surgery, patients must have fat in other areas that they would like to remove. Not all patients have enough fat to support this kind of fat transfer procedure. In patients with little or no available fat for grafting, a filler called Sculptra may be used to enhance the volume of the calves. Sculptra, which is similar to absorbable sutures, stimulates collagen production where it is present. The process is slow, between 6 to 8 weeks until the results are seen. The results from Sculptra typically last 2 to 6 years but can be permanent in some individuals.

Calf Augmentation: Know Your Options

Genetics and other factors may play a role in the size of your legs, and some individuals find that they are unable to increase the size of their calf muscles, no matter how much they exercise. Many people may feel so self-conscious about their thin or scrawny legs that they refrain from wearing shorts or skirts.

Calf augmentation can increase the size of the calves that are deficient as a result either from genetics, or from deformities. Both men and women may choose to get calf augmentation. It is important to discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Grossman to determine proper proportions and shape for your calves. Men tend to seek out calf augmentation to increase the appearance and definition of muscle mass, while women seek out surgery in order to attain a more symmetrical form and shapelier legs. Bodybuilders may choose to undergo calf augmentation with fat  surgery when regular training doesn’t increase the bulk of the leg. Individuals who have suffered from polio, cerebral palsy, clubfoot or spina bifida may sometimes elect to undergo Fat Transfer Calf Augmentation surgery to improve their appearance and symmetry.

The experience of your surgeon will largely determine the outcome of your calf augmentation. According to a study published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery, all the patients who used Dr. Grossman were satisfied with their results. These patients sought out calf augmentation to correct deformities or to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Calf implants are not right for everyone and in some cases, other options may be safer, more appealing, and better for you. For instance, if you have excess fat that you’d like to eliminate, calf augmentation with fat transfer may be a much better choice than implants.

Calf augmentation can greatly improve the appearance and proportion of your legs and results in an overall more proportional body appearance. Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. who invented the procedure of Calf Augmentation With Fat, will take the time to learn your needs and determine the best course of treatment for you. Ideal candidates are usually in good health, have reasonable expectations, and want to achieve fuller calves and ankles. Individuals report increased self-esteem and ability to wear clothes they previously felt too embarrassed to wear. Contact Dr. Leonard Grossman today to learn about calf augmentation with fat cost.

Speak to Your Plastic Surgeon Today to Understand Your Options

Calf augmentation with fat involves a faster recovery time, less swelling and pain, and usually no visible scars. The procedure commonly doesn’t involve any difficulty walking after surgery and results  in faster return to work and regular life activities. Dr. Leonard Grossman invented and has been using his fat grafting technique successfully since 1995. This procedure is ideal for patients with thin legs, bowed legs, or with legs that are asymmetrical. Contact Dr. Grossman today to learn about calf augmentation options and whether you’d be an ideal candidate. Dr. Grossman offers a whole suite of calf implant procedures. He’ll find the solution that works best for you given your needs, whether it’s liposuction, fat grafting, or calf implants.


Some patients are unhappy with the shape of their legs because the legs have too much fat in the calves and/or ankles and would benefit from surgery that involves liposuction or reduction. This is the polar opposite to fat grafting. For instance, some people have little definition between the calf and ankles and they are said to have “cankles” – lower legs that look like tree trunks. These patients may choose to have surgery involving reduction or liposuction of the ankles. Dr. Grossman is one of few doctors in the country who perform calf and ankle reduction, liposuction surgery. If you are not happy with the appearance of your legs, the shape, or symmetry, this type of plastic surgery may be the right choice for you. Contact Dr. Leonard Grossman’s office today to discuss your options and ankle reduction cost.

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