British Woman Proves You Are Never Too Old To Live the Good Life

British Woman Proves You Are Never Too Old To Live the Good Life

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$16,000 is quite a sum to spend on cosmetic surgery. Jane Pesch has done just that, spending money on Botox, neck lifts, and breast implants. Yet, at 73, she’s quite the bombshell, attracting the attention of men in their 40s, their 50s, and even one man who was 26.

Ms. Pesch uses a dating Website where she poses her new, plastic-surgery-improved looks, and attracts men half her age. Whether you’re 19, 25, 45, 55, or 73, Jane Pesch proves that its never too late to live your best life now.

“I’m just looking for a bit of fun,” she explained.

This lady isn’t happy wearing granny sweaters. Instead, she dons towering heels and fishnet stockings.

Ms. Pesch spends about $500 in Botox every couple of months, and recently decided to opt for a neck lift to fight the effects of aging that were bringing her down, both literally and metaphorically.

When patients undergo this sheer amount of plastic surgery, doctors sometimes worry that body dysmorphic disorder might be in the mix. Body dysmorphic disorder is a disease where an individual becomes preoccupied or obsessed with a perceived flaw. No amount of reassurance or plastic surgery can satisfy the compulsion to change the perceived imperfection. Additionally, patients experience a great deal of distress from the condition.

Yet, for Jane Pesch, this doesn’t seem to be the case. After her face lift and breast augmentation, she’s happy with her looks.

Sometimes, it just takes a little more surgery to help us achieve our goals. For Jane Pesch, that “little extra” has gone a long way.

“People are gob smacked when I tell them I’m 73—they think I’m joking,” she explained.

Ms. Pesch doesn’t feel that age should slow her down. She wants the finer things in life. So, when her husband passed away several years ago, she decided to sign up for a surgical make-over and then went on the prowl for some (sometimes younger) boy toys.

She stops her critics at the door, telling them that she worked hard her whole life, and if she wants to spend her hard-earned money for a little “nip” and “tuck” then so be it—if it makes her happy.

And it does seem to make her happy.

She’s radiant in her online photos, donning sexy purple dresses, and a beautiful, wrinkle-free smile.

These photos have garnered her the attention of men in their 40s and 50s.

As for the 26-year old who tried to catch her on, Jane Pesch decided she’d have to turn him down.

“I was flattered, but I had to say no,” she said, explaining that she was worried he wouldn’t be mature enough.

While Pesch’s $16,000 plastic surgery bill seems like quite a sum, her surgical journey is one that has spanned many years. Pesch actually had her breast augmentation following the birth of her three children.

For many people, plastic surgery is a life-long process that helps people maintain and improve their looks. For Jane Pesch, plastic surgery has helped her feel and look younger, and feel and look her best at various moments in her life. She’s clearly having fun while looking her best.

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