Breasts Don’t Belong on a Man’s Body

Breasts Don’t Belong on a Man’s Body

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For the first time since plastic surgery numbers have been recorded, it has been shown that of Breast Reduction surgery in the US, 40% of procedures are attributed to reduction surgery in men.  Last year in 2015 there were a total of 68,106 breast reduction procedures and 40% of those were attributed to men who have undergone a procedure called gynecomastia reduction surgery. That is a total of 27,456 men were undergoing the procedure. This does appear to make sense as women appear to be taking better care of themselves and are watching what they eat and  they have increased and frequency intensity the exercise, whereas  men appear to actually be going in the wrong direction and more pot bellies are being observed in the streets.  Weight gain is one of the main reasons that a man will see gynecomastia or boobs also known as man boobs appear on the chest. The second reason for appearance of man-boobs is lack or excess of certain hormones. Third reason may be presence of cancer in the breast or elsewhere in the body.

Men with gynecomastia symptoms should see a family physician and if all tests are normal, they may consider breast reduction.

With the advancements in plastic surgery a man or woman can both have their breasts reduced by means of Power Assist Liposuction device and newly created cannulas which allow fat and breast tissue to be removed through an incision as small as 1/8 in. Dr. Leonard Grossman, a New York Plastic Surgeon, has been consistently actively seeking for better ways to perform breast reduction. With proper instruments and the know how Dr. Grossman has made countless patients happy and without any visible or minimally visible scars.

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