Bowed Leg Cure With Immediate Results

Bowed Leg Cure With Immediate Results

Bowed Leg Cure by Dr.Grossman in New York

Bowed legs on anyone can make the person feel insecure, no matter how good of an athlete one is. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman and you are bowlegged, you have been subject to ridicule and teasing. One becomes extremely self-conscious and eventually stops wearing shorts and skirts.  Eventually, these people avoid the otherwise fun activities such as sports or going to the beach.

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If you or someone you know has the condition of bowed legs, there is a solution.

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In 1995, a New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Leonard Grossman had developed a technique in which the patients own fat is removed from an area where the fat is unwanted and using a proprietary method, the very same fat cells are being injected in to the area on the leg where the necessary curves or fullness are missing.

In Dr. Grossman’s hands the patients get immediate results. These results are permanent and scarless. The patients can walk immediately and completely without any pain. Dr. Grossman’s patients can even work out without the loss of the results. The patients are encouraged to go to work the next day and are allowed to go to the beach with swimming in just 7 days.

In 1996, after having operated on dozens of patients and obtaining excellent results, Dr. Grossman was portrayed on the CBS News and the Discovery Channel with his truly revolutionary procedure.

Since that time, the procedure of fat grafting has gained popularity in the Plastic Surgery Community, but only Dr. Grossman gets the consistently reproducible results with permanency.

In Dr. Grossman’s words, the procedure has not just become a saving grace for the thousands of afflicted patients, but the procedure itself has become easier on the patients as well. If the same operation used to take me 8 hours in 1996, today the same procedure takes me less than 2 hours. The new equipment that I helped develop has come a long way.

However Dr. Grossman warns, it is not the equipment that creates great results, but the experience, skill and knowledge of the Plastic Surgeon and his or her artistic visualization which lead to the patient’s ultimate goal.


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