Botox Without Needles? New Treatments May be on the Horizon in New York City

Botox Without Needles? New Treatments May be on the Horizon in New York City

Botox Without Needles | Dr. Leonard Grossman M.D. | NY

Are you considering Botox, but find yourself absolutely hating the needles? The future of Botox treatment may involve applying the product onto the skin like a cream or lotion, reducing the need for injections for some patients. Researchers claim new developments and technology will make Botox more accessible. Yet, the needle injection method isn’t likely to be completely replaced by creams, even if the Botox creams and lotions hit the market. Botox needle injections allow surgeons to more precisely target trouble areas and deliver the medicine quicker and more effectively.

Though many patients feel initially squeamish about the needle injections, they quickly learn that with the skill of their surgeon, Botox injections are relatively pain-free and the effects are nothing short of amazing and beautiful.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported about a $90 million deal that Allergan made with a biotech firm, Anterios. Anterios has developed the technology that would allow Botox like product to be delivered topically, through the skin. Allergan is the company that manufactures Botox. With this acquisition of the new technology, the future of Botox treatments may involve many more options for patients.

Anterios explains the new technology on its website, noting that the new treatment allows for targeted delivery of Botox through the skin. The technology allows for treatments to be delivered without the need for needles or other invasive delivery methods. Creams or lotions could be used to deliver the medicine.

Yet, when will the Botox cream and lotion hit the market, and will it be available for use at home? The cream and lotion will have to go through the F.D.A. approval and patients may still receive treatments in the controlled setting of a cosmetic surgeon’s office. Because Botox paralyzes the muscles it treats, improper application of the medicine by someone who isn’t properly trained may be dangerous or even deadly. According to Anterios, the cream and lotion can be applied in a cosmetic surgeon’s office in under ten minutes. The treatment involves massaging the product into the skin. For patients who don’t want to face a needle or for those who are on blood thinners and face difficulties with bleeding or bruising after needle injections, the cream application can make Botox a miracle treatment.

The Botox cream is also being studied for its effectiveness in treating other cosmetic concerns, including acne. The Botox cream may also be able to help patients who suffer from excessive underarm sweating.

The cream and lotion applications of Botox are still very much in the investigative stages and they aren’t likely to enter the market in the near future. However, patients who use and love Botox injections may soon have more options, if the cream is approved by the F.D.A.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. is a skilled Botox doctor in NYC who has been performing these injections for decades. Dr. Grossman prides himself on staying on the cutting-edge of cosmetic surgery developments and trends. Only time will tell if the cream and lotion forms of Botox will be safe and effective, or even as effective as injections. Dr. Grossman will continue to offer his skilled Botox treatments using safe and pain-free injections until further information is released about Botox creams and lotions. So stay tuned!

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