Abdominal Etching Surgery in Brooklyn

Abdominal Etching Photos Gallery

Lipoetching is a form of liposuction in which a very small, specialized cannula is used to literally carve different shapes out of the fat that overlies muscle anywhere on the body, creating the most athletic, chiseled look possible without the need for exercise. Just like in the hands of an artist carving wood, in the hands of an experienced New York Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Leonard Grossman, a person who can’t develop muscle definition that he or she desires, can turn into someone who looks like they are spending countless hours at the gym. The procedure of Lipoetching is great for men and women seeking a more athletic appearance, better muscle definition and a sexier body which cannot be obtained even with the most rigorous forms of exercise.

The procedure of Lipoetching, High Definition Liposuction (Lipo-etching) can accentuate or create the most defined chest muscles or Pecs, Abdominal Six or Eight Pack, Deltoid and Shoulder Muscle definition or beautiful External Oblique Muscle definition. The same approach can enhance and define calf muscles as well as the muscles of the back or buttocks. The results are immediate and permanent.

No matter what you desire, one or a combination of many muscle groups can become more pronounced and better defined. In the hands of Dr. Leonard Grossman all of this can be done with high precision and minimal or no scarring what-so-ever. You will NOT need to wear any kind of compression garments and you can be at work the next day and on the beach in about a week.