Thigh Lift in NYC

Thigh Lift or a leg lift is a procedure of choice for patients who have lost significant amount of weight either on their own or with help of Bariatric Surgery. In general, the inner thigh area starts to sag and rubbing of skin causes a great deal of discomfort as well as irritation in the individual who is afflicted. The procedure that addresses this condition is called a thigh lift which is used in patients with poor skin tone.

In individuals whose skin has mild to moderately poor skin tone a procedure called J-Plasma or Renuvion can possibly replace the need for a thigh lift. (please see a page on J-Plasma)

The bottom line of a thigh lift is, removal of excess skin and fat, tightening the layer of fascia immediately over the muscle and redraping the remaining skin and fat for a tighter and better proportioned appearance.

Dr. Grossman combines liposuction for optimal results and never uses drain tubes (since they are the main source of infection and discomfort). The procedure is approximately 2 hours long. There is no need for compression garments after the surgery. Discomfort is mild and Advil usually suffices.

The recovery is individualized, but as a rule there is little or no postoperative pain and the patients can ambulate immediately. You are allowed to shower the next day and drive within days after the procedure.

The price of the thigh lift depends on the patients medical history, current weight and the amount of estimated time needed for optimal results of the procedure.

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