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Phentermine is a weight loss product that works by suppressing the appetite. It’s available in different forms, as well as dosages. One form that’s available is a thirty milligram capsule manufactured and sold by Medeva Pharmaceuticals, called Ionamin, although there are several other options – both brand name Phentermine as well as generic ones. In most of those, the active Phentermine substance is mixed with a delayed release resin complex, that ensures that the actual appetite suppressant does it’s job over an extended time period. Another form of Phentermine that’s available both online and in selected Rite Aid pharmacies is called Fastin. It’s a Phentermine product developed and sold by a company called Smith Kline Beecham. As many other Phentermine products, it’s supplied in the form of a thirty milligram capsule. It’s also available as a generic, blue and white capsule generic alternative.

A slightly stronger variant of Phentermine than the previous two is called Adipex-P. It’s a 37.5 milligram tablet made and marketed by a pharmaceutical company called Gate Pharmaceuticals. Unlike Ionamin, Adipex-P and Fastin don’t benefit from the delayed release characteristics. Adipex-P is the most potent form of Phentermine, since it enables the users to benefit from the highest saturation of Phentermine in the blood than the other two alternatives. However, this comes with a drawback – although Adipex-P can be stronger than Fastin and Ionamin, it’s cleared from Shoppers drug markt the organism faster than the other two variants.

If you are looking to save a buck on your diet pills, you might be interested in looking for generic Fastin and Adipex-P alternatives that might be available from reputable online merchants. However, there is no generic Ionamin alternative on the market at this time. Another cheap and affordable alternative to the brand name Phentermine pills might be the generic, fifteen milligram capsules marketed simply as Phentermine Hydrochloride pills. It’s basically the same thing, without the potency of Adipex-P or the time delayed effect of the other brand name forms of Phentermine, and it might be more affordable than them. If this seems like something for you, do your research – the generic forms of Phentermine are widely available online.

If you are debating if you should save by buying the generic form of Phentermine and Phentermine Hydrochloride or go with the more expensive, but the “sure thing” which is the brand name Phentermine, you are not alone. This is actually one of the most frequently asked questions by all dieters who choose to shed fat with the help of Phentermine diet pills. The answer is, although generic Phentermine and brand name Phentermine are essentially based on the same Phentermine Hydrochloride substance, they are not completely same. Sure, you will lose weight with a proper generic Phentermine alternative, but a brand name Phentermine pill might give you more “kick” or some convenient benefits such as the delayed effect. In fact you can think about generic Phentermine weight loss pills as generic foods or brands – there will always be slight, but noticeable differences between a brand name and a generic product.

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