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Evolence Injections in NYC

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Dr. Grossman is one of the first and most experienced New York Plastic Surgeons to use Evolence filler in the USA. Dr. Grossman performs treatments with Evolence in his Manhattan and Brooklyn clinic.

Evolence can be used to fill deep folds and hollows on the face and body (as in the creation of fuller cheeks, filling out the folds between the nose and mouth, as well as the folds between the mouth and the chin). Evolence can be used in creation of youthful eye brows, filling out Buccal hollows and much more.

Evolence should not be used in the lips or in treatment of superficial wrinkles and lines or lumps may result.

Evolence is a relatively new product to the American market and it is definitely not the old collagen everyone has heard about. Evolence is a stabilized, reorganized collagen which has been proven to last longer than most of the present day fillers, yet with fewer side effects (such bruising, swelling, lumping and skin discoloration) that are common with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. No need for allergy testing.

Before performing filler injections with Evolence Dr. Grossman had to go through an accreditation process, which is organized by Johnson and Johnson Corporation. This process insures that the doctor is comfortable and proficient with the use of this wonderful product and understands how to use it in the safest way for the patient.

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